Bohyemian Lab • Hyemi Song
Designer, Researcher and Multidisciplinary Creator within the world of Data, Information, Design, and Technology. Her interests are Data Visualization, Qualified/Quantified-Self, Data-driven system/content, Social Network System, and Walk as artistic language. She received a MFA degree from RISD and worked as a Data Visualization Specialist at MIT. Currently, she is working on various design and data projects in NYC.
*** 2016-2017 A-Design Award and Competition
*** GDUSA: 2016 American Graphic Design Award
*** iF Design Award
*** Good Design Award
*** Adobe Design Achievement Awards
*** The Guadian
*** Visualising Data
*** Seoul Design Olympiad
*** Rhode Island School of Design
*** Massachusetts Institute of Technology
*** RAW DATA: Infographic Designers' Sketchbooks by Steven Heller
*** Guangzhou’s Design Korea Exhibition
*** Visual Loop: Finding stories of Data Visualization
*** Information Aesthetics: Hyemi Song's innovative portfolio
*** De Young Museum at SF
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